Teach you how to use blush to create a face-lift

 Teach you how to make a blush

Brush blush has tips

Blush can also be called "Rouge". Use a soft brush to capture the magical rouge, and subtly brush the white or bronzed cheeks in a deep color layer to create a sweet or cool look and make your face More charming and softer, more stereoscopic.

How to achieve two beauty effects with rouge

There are two kinds of functions of rouge: one can make the face have a three-dimensional effect; the other is to make the makeup look healthy and fashionable. If you want to achieve the first effect, you can use it directly in the cheekbone depression to sweep up evenly. It can achieve the three-dimensional effect. It is generally suitable for a slightly wide round face. To achieve the second effect, the sides of the bridge of the nose can be smudged to the cheeks, which can make the makeup look healthy and fashionable. Suitable for any face type.

How to choose the color of rouge

For those with darker skin, try to choose the orange-colored Maybelline's soft rouge, such as: apricot powder. People with a fairer complexion can choose the color of rouge according to the makeup requirements, such as: rose red. If you paint daily makeup, Do not use too red color, the area should not be painted too much, the best visible, such as: watermelon powder. If you paint late makeup, rouge can be slightly emphasized to highlight the contours of the face, such as: strawberry red.>>>   Share tips for creating a pink lady makeup

Teach you how to make a blush

How to draw blush according to face shape

Round face: Draw the blush to the temple with a triangular sweep to make the face feel round and round.

Long face: blush should be horizontally scanned, but also pay attention to strengthen the contour of the humerus.

Square face: Sweep the blush from the nose to the temple, and then apply it to the hairline with a deeper blush to reduce the horizontal expansion of the face.>>>   This winter, flawless skin makeup whitening liquid foundation

Inverted triangle face: horizontal broom red, but be careful not to be too close to the nose.

Goose egg-shaped face: This is the most perfect face shape. You can use various methods to apply blush with your customers' preferences, just don't just apply it to your cheekbones.

TIPS: Face-lifting type In order to make cheeks look more delicate, too wide parts should use dark blush to correct different face types!

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