Different maintenance methods for different drawers in different seasons

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The weather varies from season to year. The maintenance of the multi-cylinder cabinet also needs to change its maintenance method as the season changes. Today, Xiaobian tells you about the maintenance skills of the multi-cage cabinet in different seasons.

Spring is the most suitable season for multi-drawer maintenance, especially in the north, which is the best season for furniture “sizing” (pasting). In spring, you can use beeswax to wax and perform a full maintenance. Or use walnut oil to maintain mahogany furniture. Use and stroke regularly. Use a clean soft cotton cloth when wiping, and wipe it gently after removing dust from the furniture surface.

It is moist and humid in summer, easy to mold, and moisture is very important. Do not wipe the furniture with a damp cloth and prevent the surface of the furniture from getting wet. At the same time, the use of the placement must be square. The direction of the force of the furniture legs and feet is consistent with the gravity, do not tilt, you can use the foot pad to adjust. The drawers of the chest of drawers should be protected from deformation caused by the pressing of clothes and the like. Also avoid using a glass plate to cover the table.

Autumn is high and cool, and it is the best season for multi-drawer maintenance. The maintenance method is basically the same as that in spring. Hot wax once and often use “soft and hard” method to wipe the furniture.

The driest in winter, it can be said that the "Ghost Gate" of the chest of drawers. Therefore, the newly bought furniture this season is not suitable for hot wax. Do not use walnut oil to maintain furniture. You can simply wipe the wax, especially the back of the furniture. Note that the amount is small, the number of times is small, only the back and bottom of the furniture are rubbed, and the front side is not rubbed, and the moisture of the furniture is appropriately closed.

If the conditions permit, you can often wipe the floor with a wet mop and increase the humidity. You can also use a humidifier to humidify. The plastic feet can be used to wrap the four feet of the legs of the chest of drawers, and a piece of absorbent sponge or foam is placed in the plastic cloth to replenish the furniture.

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