Trademark creativity and brand design

A trademark is actually a kind of sign. The difference between it and a social sign is that an enterprise sign is a commercial name; a trademark is a legal term and is a brand registered through legal procedures. If the enterprise logo is also registered, it has the identity with the trademark.

There are generally two types of design patterns for trademarks and corporate logos: One is the identity of corporate logos and trademark brands. The purpose is to seek synchronous diffusion and strengthen the effect of impressions. The company has enhanced its reputation while building its brand image. In general, some large-scale, well-organized, high-profile enterprises, enterprises with a single operating content, and service enterprises adopt this model. Some companies use the name of the company to promote the brand logo, in order to increase the brand's visibility, and some companies have a higher brand awareness, so they unify the company's name and logo with the brand name. Second, the corporate logo and trademark brand are independent. This is also based on the needs of modern business strategy and marketing. Trademarks are independent, so that in the marketing process, they will not cause irreparable losses to enterprises due to the failure of a certain brand. At the same time, it can also enable enterprises to take the initiative in the competition of developing new products and market share.

In the above two cases, regardless of whether the trademark and the enterprise logo agree, the design principles of the enterprise logo mentioned above are suitable for trademark design. In addition, there are some special requirements for trademark design:

First, trademark design must comply with trademark registration regulations.

Second, the trademark design should echo the corporate logo.

Looking at the current status of trademarks in China, there are many problems in trademark design. For example, many trademarks appear complicated and cumbersome, which is not conducive to visual recognition.

The design of the product name is quite knowledgeable and very skillful. In general, the following issues should be noted when naming:

(1) It must be easy to recognize, memorize, and read, with certain continuity.

(2) To have a high sense of purpose, a good intention, and a sense of the times.

(3) To avoid duplication of product names in the region, home country and even abroad.

(4) If it is an export product, avoid taboos.

(5) Some product names are best to suggest the nature of the product.

(6) When choosing a product name, consider the characteristics of the enterprise. According to the local characteristics of the enterprise, historical traditions and special professional conditions to be equally famous.

(7) In the design of the brand name, we should also pay attention to the idea of ​​linking with the company's business slogan, business theory and commercial slogan

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