Some misunderstandings about the high-quality anilox roller

Speaking of anilox rolls, here we have to explain that there are many types of anilox rolls and their applications are very wide. In addition to the anilox rolls used for printing, there are also anilox rolls used for coating and glazing. Here we only Talking about anilox rollers for flexographic printing.

During an interview with Secretary-General Lin, he briefly described the current types and development process of the anilox roller. He said that there are currently two types of anilox rollers commonly used in flexo printing. One is a metal anilox roller, which is mainly used for printing corrugated cardboard because the accuracy of corrugated cardboard printing is not very high. In addition, there are more text and lines on the layout Metal anilox rollers can also be used; the other is ceramic anilox rollers, which are divided into integral and sleeve types, mainly used for printing high-end products. Ceramic anilox rolls were produced in Europe in the 1980s, and they were introduced into China almost at that time. It can be said that high-quality anilox rolls belong to the category of ceramic anilox rolls, but they are divided into a specific range according to different quality levels.

1. What is high quality

What is a high-quality anilox roller? For this question, the answers of several experts are basically the same.

The general opinion of Shanghai Aokeli: First, it depends on the accuracy of the anilox roller. The higher the accuracy, the higher the grade. Second, it depends on the spraying quality of the ceramic layer on the ceramic anilox roller, that is, the density of the ceramic layer. When talking about this, Gui Zong made a vivid analogy. He said that the semi-finished anilox roller after the ceramic layer is sprayed is like wood. The harder the wood, the better the carving. The same applies to the pattern roller. For anilox rollers, the density of the ceramic layer refers to the porosity, the smaller the better, the pores per unit area are generally less than 1%. In addition, the spraying equipment will also affect the spraying quality of the anilox roller. Third, it depends on the level of laser engraving. The control of the volume, depth and shape of the cavity is determined by the engraving process.

Lu Gong of Shanghai Laser Group also believes that although ceramic anilox rolls are more common now, it is not to say that it is a high-quality product. The so-called high quality should meet the following requirements: the quality of the ceramic coating is good, and the parameters such as the smoothness, uniformity, shape, and volume of the carved holes are conducive to ink transfer and use. Secretary-General Lin also emphasized the maximum ink storage capacity. He said, "I think high-quality anilox rollers should be under the same number of lines, and the ink storage capacity is also the largest. This requires the processing of anilox rollers. The depth of the net hole should be as deep as possible, and the surface finish should be as high as possible, so that the service life will be longer and it is a good product. "

2. High Line Number Misunderstanding

The basic parameters for evaluating anilox roll products will not change, but they will only change with the continuous improvement of user requirements. We learned from our interview that, as the fineness requirements of flexo products are getting higher and higher, high-line-count anilox rollers have become the current trend in the flexo market. Lu Gong of Shanghai Laser Group said, "The high-line-count anilox rolls currently produced refer to those below 1500 lines / inch, which are generally concentrated at 800 to 1500 lines / inch. 1000 lines / inch is enough, and almost all domestic users think that the anilox roller of 600-800 lines / inch is enough to meet the printing requirements. And the so-called high line number can not only depend on the ability of the producer, mainly depends on the user's use Demand, even if the products without the market are fine, it does n’t make sense. ”Secretary-General Lin reminded the user that“ the anilox rollers are now required to have a high number of lines and at the same time, they must have an ideal amount of ink transfer to use. It can reach 1200 lines / inch, but there is no ink transfer when it is used. "It can be seen that neither users nor manufacturers can only be stuck on the high number of lines on the surface. It is necessary to start with the product-related usage parameters to achieve high Line count, high quality.

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