Packaging modeling and structure design

Commodity packaging decoration is inseparable from the packaging container, packaging shape and structure design is an important part of commodity packaging. Commodity packaging is mainly divided into two categories: transportation packaging and sales packaging. The sales package is a package that directly meets and uses with consumers, and its shape and structural design should meet the requirements of "scientific, beautiful, and marketable". When designing, it is necessary to consider not only the aesthetic problems in modeling and decoration, but also the scientific and reasonable problems in structure. Excellent packaging styling and structural design, not only can accommodate and protect commodities, beautify commodities, and promote the sale of commodities, but also should be easy to carry, easy to use, easy to display and easy to transport.

At present, commonly used packaging materials are paper, plastic, ceramics, glass, bamboo, wood, metal and various composite materials. In particular, carton packaging is the most widely used among various packaging materials. It is light and flexible in texture, easy to manufacture, print, display, transport, stock, and handle. It is also inexpensive and suitable for protecting various commodities and is widely used.

1. Classification of carton packaging

Carton packaging can be divided into three categories according to the basic form: foldable carton is called folding box; non-foldable is called carton; paper is processed, compounded, and glued to make a liquid container, collectively called soft packaging Paper Box. Among them, the most widely used folding carton in product packaging, its structure has the following basic types

â‘ A world-wide lid and a rocking lid carton. They are pressed with tangents according to different graphics on the surface of the box. You can open the lid to see both the product and the decorative graphics, text and trademarks on the surface of the box. And easy to display and promote goods.

â‘¡ Window type paper box. The window-opening carton has three forms: partial window opening, transparent lid and multi-sided transparent. It is generally used in combination with transparent plastic sheet, and the window opening shows the goods, which is convenient for consumers to purchase.

â‘¢Portable carton. Some products are packed in large volumes. To facilitate the carrying of customers, a handle is added to the carton. The handle is designed to be foldable as much as possible, so that it can be easily transported and does not occupy too much area.

â‘£Heart-shaped carton. The special-shaped carton mainly has various forms such as triangle, pentagon, diamond, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, cylinder, semi-circle, and book type. The structure of this carton is the packaging shape presented by the combination of arc, straight cut and surface. The advantages of special-shaped carton are novel and beautiful.

⑤ Special structure type carton. It is to make a gap in a certain part of the carton, or add an accessory to pour out powdery, granular, blocky or liquid goods. The carton structure can be diversified. For the convenience of consumers, special designs can be made according to the different uses of the goods.

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