KBA Rapida 162: New options for packaging printers

Rapida 162: New options for packaging printers

(The improved KBA Rapida 162 demonstrates the logical paper feed system (RFID), QualiTronic Professional online density measurement and monitoring device and KBA's amazing new module-DensiTronic PDF (it can detect very small deviations and automatically Recorded in the quality record) High-quality UV packaging printing performed with the support)

KBA is a recognized market and technology leader in the design and manufacture of large format printing machines, especially in packaging and printing. In the company's internal public demonstration, a six-color Rapida 162 printing machine with a UV varnishing unit of 7 (63 inches) with an extended paper take-up device was well-known on aluminum-coated cardboard Brand liquor printing and packaging: After applying opaque white paint, register printing and metal spot printing are carried out, and the results verify this consensus again. The press then switched to an equally challenging task—printing and packaging hair dye products. This production run is monitored by a comprehensive quality control module. In the printing preparation process, DensiTronic PDF scanned the sample in just ten minutes, compared with the original PDF and approved. Without DensiTronic PDF, this work would take half an hour.

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