Basic knowledge of packaging and commonly used price formula

One, commonly used packaging materials

A. White paper --- plain white paper, copy paper, crepe paper, etc.

B. Bubble paper / poly cashmere / sponge / EPE

C. Carton category --- white box, brown box, color box, etc.

D. Plastic bags --- PP, PE, OPP, PVC, PVA, shrink film (PE, PP), etc.

E. Other types of packaging

Product packaging is an important part of the product. It not only plays a protective role during transportation, but also directly relates to the overall quality of the product. The following are our commonly used packaging materials and packaging:

Second, commonly used packaging

(1) Inner packaging

â‘´Plastic bags: American lines generally require heat sealing and are made of high-pressure PE materials; unless the customer has specified requirements, PP materials are not allowed.

⑵ OPP bag: good transparency, but it is brittle and easy to break. It is mostly used for the packaging of candles and small toys, which is often requested by European line guests.

⑶ Color box: divided into corrugated color box and non-corrugated color box.

â‘· Ordinary brown corrugated box: 3-layer corrugated box and 5-layer corrugated box are commonly used. After the product is packed, it is usually sealed with adhesive tape.

⑸ White box: It can be divided into corrugated (3-layer or 5-layer) white box and non-corrugated white box. The product is usually sealed with tape after packaging.

⑹ Display box: There are many types, mainly color display box, display box with PVC cover, etc., through this package, you can intuitively see the products in the packaging box.

⑺ Plastic bag + elevator: generally called PBH.

â‘» Blister Card: Blister Card, BC for short.

⑼ PVC box or PVC barrel.

⑽ Shrink film; also called heat shrink film, small toys, candles and other products use this type of packaging more.

⑾ Hang card.

â‘¿ Egg compartment.

â’€ Back card.

⒁ Gift boxes; mostly used for packaging of jewelry, stationery and other products, there are many types.

â’‚ Others.

(2) Medium packaging

There are mainly plastic bags and corrugated box packaging. The types of corrugated boxes are mainly FOL, TUCK TOP BOX, etc.

(3) Outer packaging

Generally use foreign trade export carton, 5-layer corrugated box, corrugated mainly use B / C tile. The formula for calculating the carton price is:

(Length + width +8) / 100 x (width + height +6) / 100 X unit price per square.

The units of length, width and height are CM.For example, the size of an outer box is 60 X 30 X 40 CM, then the price is

(60 + 30 + 8) / 100 X (30 + 40 + 6) / 100 X 6 (market price) = 4.47 yuan. [next]

3. Cost estimation methods for commonly used packaging and packaging materials

â‘  Paper: calculated according to the number of products packaged per unit area. For example, the size of copy paper is generally 105CM X 75CM

The price is 0.12 yuan / sheet. If a paper can pack 5 products, the packaging cost of the paper required for each PC product is 0.024 yuan.

â‘¡ Bubble paper: generally calculated by weight, that is, the weight of bubble paper required for packaging 1PC products X market price.

â‘¢ Power velvet

A. The calculation method of the shape or size required by hand: length (M) X width (M) X height (M) X 350 ~ 450 yuan, different regions have different coefficients, such as Quanzhou generally calculated at 350 yuan, Huangyan Generally calculated at 450 yuan.

B. The calculation method of the power velvet for opening the mold: mold fee + weight of the power velvet X 0.017 yuan / gram, 0.017 yuan / gram is the price coefficient, and there will be certain fluctuations with the market price changes.

â‘£ Sponge: The price of a sponge with a thickness of 1CM is generally 3.5 / M2. The material cost is calculated according to the thickness and square of the sponge required for packaging products. The price of sponges with other thicknesses is calculated in proportion. For example, the price of a sponge with a thickness of 2CM is about 3.5 X 2 = 7.0 / M2.

⑤ Plastic bag, OPP bag: price = length of plastic bag (M) X width (M) X 2S X market price, where S is the thickness of the plastic bag, for example, a 4-wire thick plastic bag has a size of 30 X 25 CM At that time, the market material price was 10800 yuan / ton, and the price of the plastic bag was 0.3 X 0.25 X 2 X 0.00004 X 10800 = 0.065 yuan.

â‘¥ Carton category: Ordinary brown inner box price = (length + width + 7) / 100 X (width + height + 4) / 100X unit price, in which the unit of length, width and height is CM.

The white box calculation method is similar.

Simple calculation method of color box: unfolding area of ​​color box (M2) X coefficient (3.8 ~ 4), if laminating, the coefficient is 4.8.

Calculation method of expanded area: [(Length + Width) X 2 + 3] / 100 X 〔(Width X 2 + Height) + 2〕 / 100

Among them, the length, width and height are CM. For example, the size of a colorless color box is 7 X 6 X 16 CM, then the expanded area is

〔(7 + 6) X 2 + 3〕 / 100 X 〔(6 X 2 + 16) + 2〕 / 100 = 0.087 M2

Then the price of the color box is about 0.087 X 4 = 0.35 yuan

Note: This estimation method can only be used for smaller color boxes.

The basic cost of corrugated color box mainly includes: paper cost, corrugated cost, printing cost, glazing, calendering, laminating cost, paste wages and taxes.

There are generally two types of paper specifications: standard gauge 78.7 X 109 CM and large gauge 89 X 119 CM.

The calculation method of the price of the color box is to calculate the number of boxes that can be done according to the standard (or large) size of the color box according to the actual unfolded size of the color box, so as to obtain the cost of paper for a single box, plus corrugated, printed, Glazing, calendering, laminating and taxation expenses.

The general standard printing is 0.10 yuan / color, the glaze is 0.30 yuan / M2, the calendering is 0.60 yuan / M2, the lamination is 0.60 ~ 0.80 yuan / M2, and the corrugation is 1.50 ~ 2.00 yuan / M2.

Generally, the cost of color box is calculated by adding plate making fee and knife mold fee. The common size plate making fee is 300 ~ 600 yuan, and the knife mold fee is 150 yuan. The calculation method of color card is similar to this.

⑦ The cost of PVC boxes or PVC barrels is calculated by weight, currently calculated at 0.025 yuan / gram.

For example, a PVC box weighs 20 grams, the cost is about 0.50 yuan.

⑧ Shrink film: The cost is approximately length (M) X width (M) X thickness (M) X 15,000 yuan / ton.

The cost estimation method introduced above is not static, and needs to be applied flexibly. It needs to be combined with the region, time, labor price, and material fluctuations for comprehensive analysis to obtain more accurate results. In the usual business work, we will also encounter many new materials or material combinations, which requires us to learn more and ask more questions, and constantly accumulate relevant business knowledge. Only in this way can our cost analysis be more accurate.

4. Sealing and packing

â‘  Plastic bags generally require heat sealing, and the sealing should be neat, firm and beautiful;

â‘¡ Color boxes, display boxes, white boxes, corrugated boxes, etc. should be sealed with adhesive tape (except for color boxes with buckles) when packaging. They should be clean and beautiful.

â‘¢ The outer box is generally sealed with tape to form a "work" type, and two packing tapes are attached (if the guest has special requirements, they must be executed according to the customer's requirements).

5. Others

â‘  The inner boxes for packaging of mail order customers generally require 5 layers of corrugated boxes, and the quality requirements are high. We must not only consider the safety of the product during transportation, but also ensure the safety of the product when it is mailed from the customer to the end user Sex;

â‘¡ European customers generally have special requirements for environmental protection. Cartons generally require nail-free cardboard boxes and metal-free packaging. The sealing tape is paper tape. The packaging generally has environmental protection marks or recycling marks;

â‘¢ The packaging of products and various labels on the packaging shall be carried out in strict accordance with customer requirements.

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