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VPL-HS2 is a product in the CINEZA series of new home projectors launched by Sony Corporation. It is compact, lightweight, easy to install and easy to carry. DVD players, video recorders, game consoles, and computers can all be used with her.
Thanks to a series of high-performance Sony signal processing technologies, including 3D comb filters and 3D gamma correction, you can enjoy sharp and vivid images at any time with SONY CINEZA. The 3D comb filter can eliminate cross color and cross brightness distortion (dot phase distortion). And 3D gamma correction helps to unify the color brightness of the image in every corner of the screen. The bright and vivid images of CINEZA will take you into your favorite movies, sports events, and even animation games.

Another innovation of Sony is the side projection 2 function of the CINEZA series, which makes installation more convenient and flexible. The traditional projector must be strictly pressed in front of the screen when projecting, but the CINEZA series can be placed in any corner without any interference in image quality. This is because the side projection 2 has a digital keystone correction function, which can correct the horizontal deformation and vertical deformation caused by the non-central projection angle. The exterior design of the CINEZA series is quite fashionable and can be coordinated with any home interior environment. She is also very lightweight and easy to place everywhere, such as ceiling installation or placed on the table.

The CINEZA home projector series can receive composite signals, Y / C component signals, progressive component signals, DTV (480i / 480p / 1080i / 720p), DVD and RGB signals *. In this way, CINEZA can be connected to video players, DVD players, computer game consoles, HTPCs, PDA cameras, etc. * If you want to receive progressive component signals, DTV, HDTV, and RGB signals, use the cable as an optional accessory.

The CINEZA series uses a combination of 2-3 pull-down technology and 2-2 pull-down technology, so that whether it is the source of NTSC video signal (2-3 pull-down technology) or PAL video signal / CG / analog signal Coherent vivid detail images.

Imagine what it would be like to bring home the stunning image effects in a movie theater, or bring home a wonderful live performance on a sports field? Dream CINEZA is a new series of home projectors launched by SONY. She is a brand new home theater concept, CINEZA is very small and light, and it is easy to install. You can place her in any corner of the room and project the perfect oversized picture on any size screen or on the wall. This series of projectors is also very easy to carry, you can easily move her from one room to another room, and even can be taken from one family to another family. In addition choose VPL-HS2 or VPL-HS10 can also enjoy the fun brought by the memory stick function.

Want to experience more visual enjoyment? DVD players, VCRs, game consoles and widely used computers can all be used with SONY CINEZA series projectors. VPL-HS10 also has a memory stick slot, allowing you to load images directly from a digital video recorder or camera.

The CINEZA home projector series has many advantages and brings you more fun.

The CINEZA series has 3 image modes (dynamic mode / standard mode / theater mode), and you can choose the picture status according to the input signal source.

Cinema filters can reproduce very clear and delicate skin tones and contrast. This is a tone adjuster that helps to show excellent contrast in dark scenes. This way you can use this filter to create a more dramatic image effect change according to your personal style.

You don't have to worry about maintenance work, it is very convenient to change the lamp and air filter. Once the lamp or air filter needs to be replaced, the corresponding prompt message will be displayed on the screen

You can easily control the projector using the supplied remote control. The function keys on the remote control include side projection 2, picture mode, and it will light up in a dark environment, which is very convenient to use.

In order to adapt to a variety of situations, CINEZA series allows users to set the driving power of the lamp to "normal" or "cinema black" mode. "Cinema Black" mode can increase the black level of the picture when watching the video signal. The user can flexibly select a mode according to the brightness of the surrounding environment. "Cinema Black" mode can be selected in the on-screen display menu.

In the non-transform mode, the video signal will not be affected by the scan converter, which helps CINEZA finally output a high-density complete image. The non-transition mode can be selected from the following 7 modes: full screen / full screen non-transformation / standard / standard non-transformation / subtitle / enlargement / adjustment enlargement. You can use the remote control to select the mode very conveniently.

Due to the lengthening of the air discharge duct and the innovation of the cooling part, the fan noise has been reduced to a minimum level, and all you can hear is the sound in the movie.

Product specifications: optical part
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The disposable diaper industry felt the explosion of the baby boomers in the 1970s. The upsurge led to quick diaper design improvements and lower prices to the consumers. The 1970s also introduced a new fastening system with new paper types.

Adding an elastic stretch to the waist of Disposable Diapers in the early 1980s helped the fit of the diaper. The 1990s added many new features to the Baby Diaper, such as mechanical tapes in the form of Velcro, and other types of hook and loop. In March of the year 2000, the first degradable diaper was introduced.

Baby Diapers could either be made out of terry toweling fabric or layers of absorbent cloth. Cloth baby Diapers can be made of cotton. Cotton has a natural wax that sometimes makes it difficult to absorb wetness. Cloth baby diapers are usually washed with detergent and water, as soap can make the diaper less absorbent. Modern Disposable Baby Diapers are usually made of a cloth-like waterproof exterior, a moisture-wicking inside layer, and an absorbent inner core. The inner core is usually made of a dried hydro gel. Early disposable baby diapers in the 1950s were made of layers of tissue paper, until the 1960s when pulp mill was used.

Features of Our Diapers

  •  Absorbent core
  •  Adjustable tape fasteners
  •  Aloe liners
  •  Antibacterial properties in liners
  •  Breathable covers with microvents
  •  Colorful cartoon characters
  •  Contour fit
  •  Custom "fold-n-tuck"
  •  Elastic waistbands contain leakage
  •  Notch for umbilical cord protection
  •  Soft stretch
  •  Taller leg guards or wide elastic leg bands
  •  Trim fit or ultra-thin for less bulk
  •  Unisex or specific padding designed for boys or girls
  •  Various absorbency depending upon use, e.g., nighttime

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