Application of Fluke Electric and Power Quality Testing Products in Power Supply and Distribution System

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· Power supply company · Power plant · Power construction company · Repair company · Pilot plant · Factory power supply and distribution

1. Fluke product recommendation list for power supply and distribution system

Application Recommended Products Other Products
Power quality analysis RPM1650 F434, F43B
Power quality monitoring RPM901 RPM1950, VR101S
Insulation test F1550B F1520
Current signal measurement F337 F336, F318
Test signal waveform capture F192C F196C, F123, F124
Digital Multimeter F189 F179, F17B, F15B
Temperature detection F68 F65, F63, F54II

2. Preventive test plan for power equipment

The service life of electrical equipment in the power system mainly depends on the performance of the insulation material inside the equipment. For electrical equipment of power, the measurement indicators of insulation performance are electrical performance, mechanical performance, thermal stability, and chemical stability. Therefore, preventive tests and insulation diagnosis are an important link in the operation and maintenance of power equipment in power systems, and one of the effective means to ensure the safe operation of power equipment.
The F1550B and F1520 digital insulation resistances in Fluke ’s preventive test program for power equipment can help customers of power supply systems perform insulation tests on voltage and current transformers, surge arresters, transformers, various types of switches, capacitors, inductors and other power equipment Ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
Please refer to the following table for other products in the preventive test plan for power equipment:
Digital multimeter F189 measures the true effective value of the on-site signal AC and DC voltage (1000V) current and frequency measurement, 6000 readings, maximum and minimum and average recording, online reading reading, measurement data manually saved, data download. 0.025% measurement accuracy. Level 4 safety standards and lifetime warranty.
Clamp-type ammeter F337 measures the true effective value of the AC and DC working current measurement signal (1000A), transformer inrush current measurement. With display hold function, background light.
Non-contact infrared thermometer F68 is used for temperature measurement of electrical equipment. The bright laser is convenient for accurate positioning. The bright backlight facilitates the maximum reading in any light. The minimum value function displays the measurement change. The temperature storage function stores the measured value for later reference. Measuring range-32 ℃ ~ 760 ℃, D: S is 50 to 1.
Insulation resistance tester F1550B insulation conditions of electrical equipment used in the test. Automatic calculation of absorption ratio and polarization index, automatic discharge protection, large screen backlight display, analog pointer, digital display. Five test voltages for insulation test: 250V, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V. Insulation test can be measured to 1T ?, with software,
Two-year warranty.
Insulation resistance tester F1520 tests the insulation status of electrical equipment. Can automatically discharge protection, large screen backlight display, analog pointer, digital display. Three test voltages for insulation test: 250V, 500V, 1000V. Insulation test can measure up to 4000M ?, when the voltage is higher than 30V, AC / DC automatically switches to voltage test, AC / DC voltage measurement can reach 600V, three-year warranty.

The portable oscilloscope F192C used in the field captures and displays various test signals of electrical equipment, such as transient oscillation signals during the transformer test, waveform signals during the switching operation, and relay test waveforms. Fluke F192C can work on the battery for 4 hours, which is convenient for on-site use; a full-function 60MHz bandwidth oscilloscope; at the same time can be used as a 3 and a half multimeter; weighs only 2 kg
Fluke also provides other products at different prices. For details, please visit Fluke's website or call the Fluke office.

3. Prediction of power quality predictive maintenance program Power quality problem is proposed. Predictive maintenance program has long been used in the daily operation management of mechanical equipment like machine tools and electromechanical equipment such as motors and generators, for example, by analyzing the vibration spectrum of bearings By comparing how the frequency spectrum changes over time, you may find signs of impending failure.
The predictive maintenance of power quality is proposed because with the rapid growth of China's industrial economy, especially the development of the metallurgical industry, electrified railways, and the chemical industry and the popularization of industrial frequency conversion power supplies, non-linear loads and shock loads in power systems are increasing , "Pollution intensified" to the quality of the power grid, making the nonlinearity (harmonics), asymmetry (negative sequence) and volatility of the power grid increasingly serious, has caused many abnormalities and accidents in the power grid (such as relay protection and automatic device tripping , Motor burning loss, large energy measurement error, transformer overheating, capacitors cannot be put into operation normally, etc.), causing serious harm to the safe and economic operation of the power system. The indicators of power quality must be monitored and analyzed to ensure that over time, the increase in user load and changes in the system will not cause the deterioration of power quality, resulting in the disconnection of the system ’s power equipment such as transformers, cables and circuits Devices and other electrical equipment are prematurely damaged, and even the collapse of the power grid.
Fluke's professional power quality predictive maintenance program For power quality predictive maintenance Fluke provides three options for power supply customers. Through these three methods, power customers can perform comprehensive predictive maintenance of power quality:

The first: online power quality monitoring program

Fluke 901 power quality monitoring network Several power quality monitors RPM901 or RPM1950 installed on site collect the current power quality data to the management machine through the communication network, not only can observe the power quality parameters of the measured line in real time, but also can be called by data management software And compare the power quality parameters of each line and substation to find the source of power quality faults. The monitoring network participates in the above picture.
Customer application cases: Zhejiang Provincial Power Supply Bureau System, Guizhou Provincial Power Supply Bureau System, Jiangsu Provincial Power Supply Bureau System, Beijing Power Supply Bureau, etc.

The second: portable power quality analysis program Fluke's 1650 portable power quality analyzer is intelligent: it can automatically find harmonic sources and automatically determine whether the power quality parameters exceed the standard according to the national standard. Multi-function: power quality harmonics, flicker, three-phase Unbalance, voltage sag and swell, voltage transient signal, power and other parameters

Large information capacity: one year of test data can be continuously saved

Strong data processing function

High accuracy: 2M sampling rate

It is suitable for customer application cases for on-site power quality survey and experiment: China National Electric Power Research Institute, Hubei Power Supply Bureau system, Guangdong Power Supply Bureau system, etc.

The third type: handheld power quality meter F434 three-phase handheld power quality analyzer and F43B single-phase handheld power quality analyzer for technicians to carry around, random measurement of power quality indicators, relatively simple and practical, with strong Waveform and data display function for real-time analysis on site.
Customer application cases: Hebei Provincial Power Supply Bureau system, Henan Provincial Power Supply Bureau system, Sichuan Provincial Power Supply Bureau system, etc.

4. Debugging and maintenance of DC screen and other power electronic equipment A large number of different power electronic equipment used in the substation site such as: DC screen, UPS, relay protection, etc. For any of these critical power equipment like circuit defects, Factors such as solder joint quality, dust, corrosion, vibration, overheating, or other factors such as voltage fluctuations and sudden changes in voltage can all cause false signals, which can cause the device to make errors or malfunctions suddenly without cause. For on-site personnel who go to the site for maintenance and repair of these devices, they must often withstand the pressure of tremendous analysis of the cause of the failure to restore and ensure the normal operation of the device.
Fluke's oscilloscope has the performance of a desktop digital storage oscilloscope, a bandwidth of 20-200MHz, and a sampling rate of up to 2.5GS / S; two input channels are floating isolation; available battery operation, small size and light weight Kg), easy to carry, especially suitable for the circuit and fault finding of power electronic equipment on the customer site of the power supply system. If you choose software, you can also download test data on site to generate various test reports.
Fluke oscilloscopes can choose from: F123 at 20MHz, F124 at 40MHz, F192 series at 60MHz bandwidth, F196 series at 100MHz bandwidth, and F199 system at 200MHz bandwidth.
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