Standard Operating Procedures for Yangtu PS Plate Making

1. Exposure

1) Selection of light source

The photo sensitive range of the positive version of the PS version is in the blue region and near ultraviolet region (320-450nm), the most sensitive region is 375nm, and the metal halogen light source is the most suitable for exposure.

2) Check the vacuum degree of the printing machine.

Check the vacuuming performance of the plate-making machine before exposure to the plate. During the operation, the glass of the plate-making machine should be cleaned, and the publication should be taken under a yellow light or dim light. Avoid contamination, bending and scratching when taking the plate Place the plate on the plate-making frame, stack a 60-cm / cm gray contact screen on the top, start the vacuum system, and check the uniformity of the air in the entire layout.

3) Determine the height of the printing light source

When printing, the light intensity at the edge of the plate should be controlled to be equal to about 90% of the light intensity at the center of the plate. The selection of the height of the light source should be at least equal to the diagonal length of the plate so that the plate can receive light evenly.

4) Test method of plate exposure

Direct method uses a UV illuminance meter to directly detect the exposure of the plate.

Indirect method First use the signal bar to test the resolution of the plate, and then calculate the exposure.

2. Development

There are two types of manual development and mechanical development. Using standardized development methods will reduce many of the disadvantages that affect performance during development. It is recommended to use Huaguang brand developer, dilution ratio: 1: 6-1: 8, development temperature: 23 ℃ plus or minus 2 ℃, development time: 30s-60s.

3. Revision

Common revision liquids such as Fuji P-L type, Huaguang PW type, Lide LD type, etc. In order to eliminate the excess image and spots on the plate after developing and washing, you can apply a small amount of plate-fixing agent to the removed area, leave it for about 20-60 seconds, wipe it off with a damp cloth, and then wash it with water.

4. Baking version

Baking plate can improve the combination of coating chemicals and aluminum base to improve the durability of printing. Pour the baking solution onto the plate washed with developing water, scrape it evenly with a rubber scraper, and wipe it evenly with sponge. Then bake in the baking machine for 5-7 minutes, and the temperature is controlled at 220-230 ℃. After cooling naturally, put in the developer for 1 minute, and then wash with water.

5. Apply protective glue

The purpose of applying protective glue is to improve the water absorption performance of the non-affected zone. After developing and washing, use protective sponge to dip the protective glue, wipe it evenly and thinly on the plate surface, then blow dry or dry it and keep it in dark place for printing.

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