Digital platemaking technology and surface treatment of gravure printing

Gravure printing is mainly used in a wide range of fields such as food packaging, human leather, cigarette packaging, building and home decoration materials, floor materials, fabrics and so on. Gravure printing ink has high gloss, strong coloring power, bright colors, good transfer and overprinting performance, high printing density, high contrast, dot tone expansion and balance, high printing plate durability, fast printing speed and other advantages.

Many domestic gravure manufacturers use many plate-making methods, but with the rapid improvement of printing plate-making technology in recent years, digital plate-making has gradually occupied the mainstream of the market. Digital plate making is that the color information is transmitted in the form of digital signals during the process of copying the original to the printing plate. Its main advantages are:

â‘ Simplified the plate-making process, and the produced graphic files can be obtained by computer control; â‘¡The direct cost of plate-making is reduced, and the use fee of film is eliminated;

â‘¢Reduce the signal loss in the process of color restoration, which is more conducive to color management;

â‘£ Solve the continuous seamless stitching of graphics on the drum, which greatly enhances the practicality in the fields of decoration and textile;

⑤The format size can be changed more freely. At present, 2800mm × 2000mm format printing plates can be made in China, which is not subject to the limitation of the output film of the phototypesetting machine; ⑥It can provide precise positioning for the implementation of multiple processes on the same drum, and the same version can be different The number of lines and the dots of different network angles.

According to the actual situation in China, there are three ways to make gravure digital plates:

â‘  Electronic engraving machine mode;

â‘¡Laser engraving and post-etching treatment methods;

â‘¢ Laser ablation plate-making method of electroplating alloy.

Electronic engraving machine

Electronic engraving machine is a precision machine with high quality stability that uses modern technology such as integrated automation control. Taking the German Hell machine as an example, the engraving frequency is 4000Hz-8000Hz. The range of the network cable is 40-140 lines / cm. After the original is processed by color separation, it is transmitted to the workstation of the electric engraving machine in the form of 1-BitTiff graphics or bill unit after passing through RIP. The signal drives the diamond engraving needle to vibrate on the surface of the printing plate copper cylinder to engrave pits. The diamond engraving head is shaped like a pyramid. The v-shaped pits made by the electric carving head not only have a change in depth, but also a change in the size of the area, thus completing the halftone reproduction of the graphic.

All production data of electric carving are collected in digital form, which can be used in subsequent jobs, with high reliability. The manuscript becomes a digital signal after being scanned and sent to the software for color separation and then transmitted to the electric engraving machine or color proofing machine. This is very beneficial to the standardization and standardization of the production process, thereby ensuring the quality of the printed matter. Moreover, the electric engraving workstation uses TIFF graphic data for transmission. After the HelioLight group version of the workstation, it is easy to integrate and set the working parameter configuration. The engraving software generates the electric engraving curve, records the electric engraving parameters and displays the engraving status, until the disc is burned to save the file (Convenient for multiple use and revision).

The electric carving process is relatively mature, the control is simple, and the level reduction is realistic. The disadvantage is that the amount of ink on the ground is limited, and the ink layer has insufficient hiding power for some rough substrates; due to the mechanical wall partition between the mesh and the mesh, the edge of the line composed of the mesh is inevitable , Small text is not clear and easy to break or paste when printing. However, Haier, Germany recently introduced Xtreme engraving technology, which can reproduce the finest parts very finely at a network line number of up to 400 lines / cm. Fine text can independently select the recording resolution without relying on the number of engraving network lines, through optimization The ink flow smoothes the outline and produces outlines. It can realize both conventional outlets and FM plus network replication.

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