Energy saving schematic

Using heat exchange application technology, the outflowing boiling water is released through the heat exchanger and cooled to warm boiling water. At the same time, the incoming cold water absorbs the heat before entering the water heater and is preheated to 85 ° C, thereby greatly saving The electrical energy and time required to boil water has completely changed the fatal weakness of traditional water dispensers, which is time-consuming and consumes electricity.
The unique double water valve is used to open or close the inlet and outlet water patent technology at the same time, and the safety valve that can open the atmosphere is used, so that the water tank does not need to follow the pressure of the tap water. Thus, the danger of bursting of the water bile is eliminated, and the service life and safety of the water bile are greatly improved. as the picture shows:

After the 20 ℃ tap water absorbs the heat energy released by the boiling water through the heat exchanger, it has reached 85 ℃ before entering the water heater. From 85 ℃ to 100 ℃, only need to increase 15 ℃. For ordinary water boilers and water dispensers, heating tap water from 20 ° C to 100 ° C requires an increase of 80 ° C. Then, compared with ordinary water boilers and water dispensers, the energy saving rate of the water-saving drinking fountains is:
(80-15) ÷ 80 = 81.25%

Note: This product is equipped with safety pressure relief valves, which can ensure the product's safe long-term use.

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