Evaluation: Anpo kitchen cabinets create outstanding five-star kitchen quality

The cabinet is the physical carrier of various kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances in the modern integrated kitchen and the artistic carrier of the kitchen design ideas. She is the main body of the modern integrated kitchen. In the limited kitchen space, how to design and decorate the entire kitchen is actually a choice What kind of lifestyle. The kitchen is also closely related to people's lives, and it is related to people's physical health. Therefore, the environmental protection and health of the overall cabinets are very important. Anbo cabinets slogan "Because of professionalism, excellence", what kind of quality does it require you to experience in person.

Whole kitchen cabinet Anbo kitchen cabinet package (imported EGGER board + jade stone countertop) / Anpo cabinet / whole kitchen

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

Style: simple

Positioning: economical and applicable

Countertop material: quartz stone

Door panel material: double decorative panel

Cabinet material: double-finish cabinet board

Unit of measure: custom cabinet (Yanmi)

Category: Custom Cabinet

Anbo kitchen cabinet baking paint series adopts E1 level environmental protection standard moisture-proof substrate, Aksu-Nobel automotive paint imported from the Netherlands, multiple coatings of environmental protection paint on the substrate, surface polishing process treatment makes the color bright, non-fading, and the door panel has high finish , Hardness up to 3H, and good mirror effect. It adopts the imported technology from Italy, undergoes thirty-two production processes and is produced in Anbo's professional and highly sealed baking room. It is spotless and rare in the industry.

Anbo kitchen cabinet / paint door + jade stone countertop / cabinet / whole kitchen / special package / limited package

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

Configuration: 3.2m floor cabinet + 1.2m hanging cabinet + 3.2m countertop

Door panel: plain paint plate

Countertop: Jade Crystal

The jade stone has a soft color, the texture is ice crystal, clean, hazy and translucent; high hardness, not easy to absorb water, not easy to absorb dirt, wear resistance, low linear thermal expansion coefficient, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, and will not withstand long-term wind and sun Fading, it will not reduce the intensity. High temperature resistance, good thermal shock resistance, 1000 ℃ will not affect its structural changes, nor will it be deformed or discolored. Green and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable, and can be in direct contact with food; the whole body has no pores, no spots, high gloss, low water absorption, and can be polished and refurbished.

Kitchen cabinet door plate Anbo kitchen cabinet-imported film pressure / Anbo cabinet / whole kitchen

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

Non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly: the raw materials made of PVC are extracted from petroleum waste residues, so they are toxic substances and the raw materials are powdery. Because PVC needs to fit the concave and convex door type, it must be stretch-plastic and stretchable. It is necessary to add a chemical material called plasticizer in the process of making PVC. Plasticizer is also called softener because plasticizer contains aluminum. If the plasticizer exceeds the standard, it will make the door panel. The PVC film on the aging, if the amount of plasticizer exceeds the national standard to reach 5%, it is harmful to the human body, our plasticizer content is only 3%, so there is no harm to the environment and users.

Natural and realistic color: Since the original material of the imported film is powder and no pigment is added, the pigment is directly added to the powder, so the molded panel has bright colors and natural patterns. The color of the domestic film is printed on the surface, the color is unstable, and there will be a phenomenon of transparent through the bottom.

Anti-scratch and abrasion-resistant: The surface of the imported film has anti-scratch paint. Use a nail with a force of 2-3 Newtons, leaving no trace.

Strong light resistance, no discoloration, and no fading: the molded panel is used indoors without color change, and the white panel will not turn yellow. After testing, the molded door panel of the imported film does not change color under the sun for 5000 hours, which is equivalent to the customer There is no color difference in the interior for 20 years. Why the imported membrane has such a good light resistance is inseparable from its PVC surface structure.

Strong stain resistance and easy to clean: This problem is also a concern of many housewives. Here I would like to introduce the cleaning and maintenance of matte film separately. Due to the antistatic treatment on the surface of the imported film, fine dust will not stay, so the kitchen door panel in the same environment, the kitchen door panel of the same color system using the imported film skin door panel is more resistant to dirt, you can also do the following experiment, imported two The white membrane is placed on the surface of the kitchen to simulate the sour vinegar, soy sauce, edible oil, and shake evenly. After 10 hours to process, the surface of the imported membrane can be cleaned with ordinary detergent. However, the domestic membrane penetrates the inner surface layer, and the stain marks cannot be removed. About the maintenance of high-gloss film door panels, here is also a brief description, the surface of the high-gloss film has a layer of transparent protective film.

Good back coating and no degumming: Good back coating can ensure that the groove of the molded panel does not rebound, shrink or degumming.

Moisture resistance, high temperature resistance: It can be used without degumming in a humid environment not exceeding 85 degrees.

Kitchen cabinet door panel Anbo kitchen cabinet-Jinlang paint (piano resin) / Anbo cabinet / overall kitchen

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

Flatness: The specular highlight effect is unsurpassed among similar products at present, even exceeding the high gloss film pressure product, which can achieve a brightness of more than 98 degrees. At present, there is only one Anbo in China.

Full paint film: The paint layer with a thickness of 0.8-1.0mm can ensure that the paint film is full and attractive without orange peel. The general UV paint is only 0.2-0.3mm thick. Generally, the film thickness of the film pressure door panel is only about 0.5mm.

Environmental performance: E1 grade base material, moisture-proof, no odor.

Color: The multi-color paint layer on the surface has been saturated with color, so the color is bright and full, and it will not fade for a long time.

Scratch resistance: high hardness and friction resistance, long-term invariability at temperatures from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C, it can reach a hardness of 3H, and the domestic baking paint is only 1H.

Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion: can withstand the baptism of various acid and alkali disinfectants.

Excellent physical properties: the use of a unique formula polymer (resin) material, the coating layer has higher toughness and strength, to ensure that there will be no burr, hole cracking, etc. during construction, can be arbitrarily cut according to design.

Integral kitchen cabinet Anbo kitchen cabinet-plain paint door panel / Anpo cabinet / entire kitchen

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

Extremely decorative: extremely high gloss, soft and bright like the surface of high-end cars. The metallic color is extremely strong, the effect of silver powder and pearl paint is more obvious, more delicate and high-grade. The paint film is full and transparent, and the color is noble and atmospheric.

Better physical and chemical properties: Hardness between 2H and 3H, strong toughness, such as metal with good ductility, excellent impact resistance; strongest resistance to oxidation and ultraviolet radiation, such as cars exposed to wind and rain in the sun all year round without discoloration Moreover, in the room, five years can be guaranteed not to change color. Because the car paint is prepared according to the computer formula, there is no color difference. Even after a few years of patching, they can be completely consistent. It cannot be done by any other paint. The real is always new.

Kitchen cabinet door plate Anbo kitchen cabinet-imported oak / solid wood cabinet / ampo cabinet / whole kitchen

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

Personalization—Natural textures, colors, and textures give kitchen furniture an inherent vitality.

Nobleness-The fine craftsmanship of traditional craftsmanship is a testament to nobleness and elegance.

Preservation-similar to the characteristics of solid wood furniture, the longer the time, the more valuable.

Environmental protection—Natural wood is processed and very environmentally friendly.

It has a relatively bright mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture. Higher grade, suitable for making European-style furniture.

Kitchen cabinet door plate Anbo kitchen cabinet-car paint / metal paint / Anbo cabinet / whole kitchen

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

The base material of the baking paint board is the density board, which is refined through 28 processes. That is, after spraying, the paint-treated substrate door panel is heated and dried into the drying room. The characteristic of the paint board is that it is bright and easy to shape, has a strong visual impact, is very beautiful and stylish, and has excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-fouling ability, and easy to clean. Moisture-proof performance is the best among all products, environmental protection performance is also the best, shiny surface, strong wear resistance, and harder with time. Easy to clean, smooth surface, smooth, no color change, no odor, absolutely true environmental protection paint.

Kitchen cabinet door plate Anbo kitchen cabinet-imported EGGER board / monolithic board / Anbo cabinet / overall kitchen

Brand store: Anbo kitchen cabinet

1. EGGER board is a composite decorative board. With anti-scratch, acid and alkali resistant surface layer, it is widely used in panel furniture and kitchen furniture;

2. Made of fresh European conifer logs, with the characteristics of fresh logs.

3. All boards are made of fresh wood, and are sterilized at 200 degrees to prevent bacterial parasitic.

EGGER board is safe and environmentally friendly, the formaldehyde content is 2 times lower than the European E1 safety and environmental protection standards; the surface material is thicker and more wear-resistant, and the surface material thickness is 2 times thicker than other similar products; it is not deformed and does not fade, in line with German industry DIN6 standard; the surface is flat and not easy to deform, the structure is compact and high strength. Even a large-area door piece can be used for a long time to ensure that it is straight and not deformed, so that the cabinet door can be opened freely, thereby extending the service life of the hinge.

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