Novelty Canned Milk Powder

Nestlé's tin-milk milk powder packaging resembles the old milk jug and is manufactured by Brazil's CBL company. It has a ring-shaped gripper on it. Lithography is used to print various patterns the child likes.

Nestlé has developed a promotional packaging for its Leite Ninho milk powder. This tin can resembles the milk jug that people used on the farm when they were old. The pattern of the packaging is particularly attractive to children. The shape of the novel milk jug, together with interesting packaging patterns, evoke the children's interests. Even after the consumption of milk powder, the children can pack the milk powder for playing.

The new Leite Ninho milk powder promotional packaging has been on the market and has achieved great success. Nestlé has adopted two kinds of packaging designs. The first is the pattern of cows and children who have been lithographed. The second is specially designed for the World Cup. The pattern is a group of cows and children playing football.

Source: "Packaging Materials and Containers"