Lupin launches general-purpose aquatic packaging materials

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (DoST) have jointly announced a new universal packaging material for packaging of fish and other seafood or aquatic products (including fresh, processed, dried, smoked, etc.) , including packaging graphic design. The packaging material is made of nylon/polyethylene (PA/PE) raw materials. This is an experimental research project jointly developed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Philippines, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Federation of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines (PCCI) and the Philippines Packaging Association (PIP). Achievements.

The packaging material is rolled out in a roll and can be cut to a suitable size for packaging fish products weighing from 100 to 500 grams and other seafood or aquatic products. It is understood that this packaging method can improve the opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the market competition, because they can purchase a small amount of packaging materials according to actual production needs, thereby reducing packaging costs.

Unlike multinational corporations, many small and medium-sized enterprises cannot invest a lot of money in packaging design because of their high costs. However, with the new universal packaging materials, small and medium-sized companies can add their products' LOGO to packaging in any way, such as self-adhesive paper, computer-printed LOGO, manual printing LOGO, and manual paste. It is understood that this kind of packaging material will first be used for mass production promotion in provinces and cities such as Bikini, Palawan, Ponghitnan and Redee Island in the Philippines.

Source: Packaging Manager