Four-sided carton pack unveiled at London Fashion Week

In the London Fashion Week, 500ml four-side aseptic carton packs were first displayed in the UK. Its developers, Topman and Fashion East, used carton-packed mineral water to entertain reporters and guests in the fashion industry, and distributed carton-packed mineral water to several fashion stores in the capital to expand their product promotion.

Carton packaging is generally welcomed and won praise from people. Sarge from Rockett believes that he commented: “Topman wants to be noticeable and something slightly different. The four-sided carton pack is the ideal packaging for the first time in the Commonwealth. selected."

Dina Suriman, a manager of the Beverage division of British Square Packaging Co., commented: “The 500-ml four-sided aseptic carton pack is a great product for the growing and growing external food market. The brand's welcome, high-end brands like French cosmetics Evian are looking for their own personality and modern packaging that young people like.We are pleased to see that in some frontier areas, Topman will notice the needs of young people before other companies Young people are Topman's core market."

Topman currently designs another four-edge aseptic carton pack specifically for fashion-conscious students. This green carton pack's registered trademark is called Topman Mineral Water. To promote this brand, the company distributes this mineral water in the student's activities. Moreover, students can purchase this product and enjoy a 10% discount in all Topman stores.

Source: "Packaging Materials and Containers"