Mysteries of ink

In recent days, the state has increased anti-smuggling efforts to block a large amount of smuggling outside the country, protecting the interests of the country and consumers. Due to the shortage of parts of computer parts and consumables through formal channels, there is a huge gap in the supply and marketing. This is a glimpse of the recent skyrocketing prices for memory and hard drives and the scarcity of original ink cartridges for inkjet printers. . Recently, the editorial department has been receiving calls from readers to purchase cost-effective ink for ink jet printer cartridges. Therefore, we specially made this draft to Mr. Chen Zhihe who developed the ink of "Jiehe 961". I would like to help you.

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On April 19th, 1996, the "Computer News" published an article of "Mystery of Inkjet Printer Inks", which was welcomed by readers of many inkjet printers. After more than two years of continuous research and improvement, the performance of the “Zhihe 961” series ink developed by me has also been greatly improved. The printing accuracy of the old ink cartridge nozzle can be compared with that of the original nozzle. After the test of practice, I made amendments and additions to the original article. I hope this article will help the readers.

The printer is an important external device of the computer system. At present, inkjet printers have become the mainstream models for sales and consumption due to the low cost of the whole machine and the high quality of printed black and white and color graphics. However, after many users purchase ink jet printers, they are reluctant to use ink cartridges due to the high cost of the print head cartridges, making the printer unable to play its due role. Some users blindly use some low-quality inks to fill ink cartridges in order to reduce the ink consumption cost of inkjet printers, causing some problems that cannot be eliminated by the users themselves. How to make good use of ink-jet printers is not only affordable but also affordable. The ink jet printer and related problems are introduced below.

First, the main difference between inkjet printers and other printers

The printer output method of the dot matrix printer and the laser printer is to transfer ink and toner onto paper by means of a color transfer method. When printing, the ribbon or photoreceptor drum must be in close contact with the paper surface so that the text or graphics can be firmly transferred onto the paper. An ink jet printer injects special ink from an ink cartridge through a number of nozzles less than 64 microns to a surface of the paper that is at a distance from the nozzle. Its characteristic is that the surface is piled up to shape, require the picture and text to be artistic and firm, so the requirement to the ink-jet ink is very strict.

Second, the characteristics of inkjet ink and non-inkjet ink may cause damage to the machine

Inkjet inks require ultra-small molecular weight (large molecular weight, color molecules can not pass through the nozzle's ultra-fine filter, no ink), moderate permeability, a certain viscosity ratio, chemical inking and precise chemical synthesis sequence password. Only when the above conditions are met, the ink can be controlled and sprayed smoothly on the nozzle to ensure the printing accuracy. The technical requirements of good ink jet inks for chemical synthesis are very strict, and its basic features are as follows.

1. The concentration of ink is very high, but the molecular weight is very small, with good temperature stability and good fluidity over a wide temperature range.
2. The synthesized ink has stable chemical properties and can be stored in a wide temperature range for a long time. There is basically no change in viscosity and crystallization and sedimentation.
3. The chemical synthesis code of ink color molecules during chemical synthesis can be recognized by the nozzle electrode, so that the order and viscosity of the color molecules in the ink during printing are appropriate, and can be controlled by the electrical signal of the printer. , to achieve beautiful graphics and detailed performance of the effect of a clear hierarchy.
4, for the paper's requirements are not too high, you can print plain paper; the nozzle is not easy to solidify the ink, does not block the nozzle.

The ink in various ink cartridges is different from its manufacturer, and its physical and chemical indicators are also different. After the original ink in the ink cartridge is used up, if the nozzle has not been damaged, the ink can be used continuously. However, if you use poor quality inks or use non-inkjet special inks, it may cause damage to the printer. Generally, it is reflected in the following two points. First, ink with unsuitable chemical composition will corrode the printer nozzle to clean the pump nozzle unit or produce a large amount of crystalline dirt on this unit, which can damage the nozzle and prevent it from being used. Second, the password of the ink is not used by the nozzle. Electrode recognition can cause a large amount of replenishment ink to be drawn into the waste ink collector, causing premature machine contamination.

Third, the characteristics of the Chi River 961 inkjet ink

Smart River 961 series of ink-jet printing inks are made using domestically-made low-toxicity and non-toxic chemical materials, which are synthesized through strict processes. Their main features are as follows.

1. The physicochemical properties of ink are stable, non-toxic and low toxicity. It can be stored permanently at room temperature.
2, super chemical ink characteristics, ultra-fine ink molecules, can greatly extend the life of the nozzle.
3, water-soluble ink molecules will not produce large molecular condensation on the nozzle, damage the nozzle electrode and plug the nozzle.
4. The synthetic molecular code of ink can make a type of ink universally used for "hot air" printers and plotters such as "Canon", "HP", "Lexmark", "Samsung", "Lenovo" and "NOVAJTE". Such as the fax machine and other expensive disposable nozzles, and can be to the current market, all kinds of common ink drop adjustment technology nozzles filled with ink.
5, black ink is a water-soluble water-resistant ink, text and graphics printed on the paper after 10 to 20 hours of air oxidation, water resistance will become stronger, to facilitate the long-term preservation of inkjet print documents.

Fourth, the most common models of the 961 ink ink cartridges

1. Canon Series: BC-01; BC-02; BC-03; BC-05; BC-10; BC-11; BC-06; BC-20; BC-21e; BC-22e; BC-60; BC -62.
2. HP series: C1816A; 51626A; 51640A; 51633A; 51649A; 51645A; 51629A.
3, Lexmark, Samsung, Lenovo series, because ink cartridges and HP's ink refill method is the same, do not introduce here.

5. How to adjust the Smart River 961 ink before adding the Photo nozzle

Photo cartridges are used on six-color printers or photo printheads that output photos. The blue and magenta in the main color are halftones, and the color ink should be adjusted with distilled water before adding ink. The adjustment method is: the magenta and cyan ink is diluted with distilled water at a ratio of 1:1 and added after shaking. The yellow ink should be diluted with 1/5 distilled water and shaken.

All reused ink cartridges should be initialized and cleaned on the machine before the ink is used for the first time after ink refill. The self-inspection graphics after spraying can be used normally.

Sixth, how to maintain the use of a good second ink cartridge

You may think that the ink cartridge is not only a consumable item, but its electrode part will not have a long life and it is not necessary to maintain it. In fact, after years of practice, a good-quality ink cartridge can extend its service life as long as the added ink has the characteristics required by the above ink. Adding more than ten or dozen ink jets is also common. Determining the value of an ink cartridge for reuse is a basic skill that the user should master. The various types of nozzles currently on the market do not always have good quality. Some ink cartridges are not used in a box of original ink, and the nozzle electrode is broken. The more inaccurate quality is those of remanufactured ink cartridges, which are the most popular on the market today. On the surface, the packaging of the original ink cartridge is exactly the same, but the performance of the nozzle electrode and the printing accuracy have been greatly reduced. In addition, non-original inks filled with such ink cartridges are usually not used for a long period of time when they are used or are bad when they are used.

How do you determine if a cartridge is worth reusing? After the original ink cartridge has been fully used and the ink has been added, the ink cartridge should be continuously ejected and the half-cartridge should be ejected. After the ink is full, it is allowed to stand for 24 hours and can be used without being cleaned. If it is a plotter nozzle, it should be used normally after the machine self-test when it is used for the first time everyday. As long as one ink cartridge is re-inked, the self-test print waveform detection pattern is good every time it is turned on, and such a nozzle has a long life. The most important thing is that the supplementary ink you use must be better. Only good ink can prolong the service life of the print head. Avoid random ink, mixed ink. Random addition of ink will quickly burn out the nozzle electrode. Mixing ink will cause the ink to produce a chemical reaction in the cartridge. The reaction will crystallize and block the tiny ink path and ink filter of the nozzle, causing the nozzle to be rejected. In addition, the ink cartridge after refilling must be careful not to get the ink to the electrodes of the print head, because the ink is a conductive material. If the electrodes are contaminated with the ink and installed, the consequences of burning the printed flexible cable and controlling the circuit board and the print head may be caused. After each ink refill, it must be checked carefully. After cleaning the circuit, reload it.

Some ink cartridges are often discarded by the user without any protection after the original ink is printed. When such nozzles are used for refilling and refilling ink, the nozzles should be first heated with boiling water, and the ink in the nozzles should be dissolved with hot water and sprayed before being used. For nozzles that use the Smart River 961 ink, simply wash the applicator with hot water and do not need a special cleaning solution. After the nozzle is cleaned, it cannot be wiped with anything, but it can only be dried. Because the nozzle is too small, dust on the wipe will immediately block the nozzle and damage the nozzle.

Another important point to extend the life of the printhead is to maintain the proper ambient temperature of the inkjet printer. The best ambient temperature for inkjet printers is 15 to 30°C. If the ambient temperature is too low, the nozzle electrode may be damaged rapidly.

Seven, a common comment on inkjet printers

From my use of practice for many years, the best quality inkjet machines on the market (mainly the nozzles) are Canon, Lexmark and HP. Canon inkjet printer heads are the world's best quality, highest precision and longest life. The only downside is that its print driver is not as good as Epson's. If Canon also develops a high-quality driver, its original machine's printing accuracy will be upgraded and it will exceed Epson's. At present, Canon printer drivers without RIP function, high-quality hardware alone is the leader in the output of high precision; Lexmark ink-jet printer is also a very good jet, most able to reflect its high reliability What is sexual is its dedicated integrated cartridge. Its nozzle quality is much higher than that of Hewlett-Packard. Its printing accuracy also exceeds that of HP, and its overall reliability is at the forefront. Domestic Lenovo inkjet printers are similar to Lexmark. An excellent ink jet printer with the same performance as Lexmark. The Epson inkjet printer is a rising star in the past two years. It has become a few with its prepress proofing accuracy and RIP-enabled drivers. Monthly ink-jet printer sales hot spots, because of the excellent printout accuracy, become the first choice for professional users. However, the biggest flaw in the design of Epson inkjet printers is that the ultra-fine filters are only installed on the cartridges, and no filters are designed on the nozzles. This type of machine is also a separate cartridge nozzle, so when you replace the cartridge, it is most likely to cause plugging due to dust. This type of single-screen cartridge is designed for integrated cartridges and should not be used with a split-type cartridge. At this point, Canon is more considerate for users. In addition, the Epson printer nozzle is a multilayer piezoelectric type, using electronically controlled mechanical vibration principle. The life of such nozzles cannot be long. With the increase in the number of prints, the accuracy of jetting will become worse and worse, and failures will occur after several months of use. Moreover, Epson's nozzle drive circuit board and the nozzle are installed together with high cost, and for some other reasons, the price of replacing the nozzle will make users unbearable. The ink prices of Epson inkjet printers are currently the most expensive and chaotic on the market. True and false ink cartridges are difficult to distinguish. Some users are also seeking to refill ink for some reason after using it for some time. However, most users are unsuccessful. The reason is that the principle of this model is not clear. In fact, Epson inkjet printers can also be inked, but its ink properties and synthesis sequence password and bubble style are slightly different. The key is the operating procedure and process when adding ink. Add a good ink