There is a loophole in the recovery of personal medicine bottles

For the supervision of drugs, the country has very strict policies. For medical bottles used in hospitals, there is also a very complete recovery system, which allows the medical bottles to avoid environmental pollution and avoid the flow of medical bottles into the wrong hands. However, there are no smooth recycling channels for medicine bottles in the hands of private and ordinary patients. These medical bottle wines have become the "sweet clams" in the eyes of criminals. Through high-cost recycling of medicine bottles, filling counterfeit medicines for profiteering.

In fact, in 2003, the State Council promulgated the “Hospital Waste Management Regulations,” which clearly stipulated that no unit or individual may buy or sell medical waste. However, the current practice of buying and selling medical waste still exists. This is different from other industries. After all, medical products are directly related to the physical health of each of us. In this regard, the relevant management departments are obliged to strengthen the supervision and recovery of medicine bottles in the hands of individuals. Individuals should also strengthen the basic awareness of the sale and handling of medicine bottles. It should be understood that selling medicine bottles to individuals is not only a violation but also indirectly endangers the health of others.

Only the joint efforts of our individual and regulatory authorities can effectively curb the increasingly rampant recovery of medicine bottles for filling fake drugs.

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