PPT courseware for English calligraphy teaching in the third grade of primary school

The English calligraphy teaching PPT English school-based curriculum in the third grade of elementary school is an English calligraphy launched by our school according to the characteristics of students and our campus culture. Students learn English calligraphy exercises at the school-based time of one week per week through the understanding of the Jingweier Building on the campus and the combination of the English knowledge they have learned. In each exercise, cultivate children's aesthetic abilities. And in the course of teaching and research of this semester, gradually let the children have more gains. The national curriculum plan is composed of three parts: national curriculum, local curriculum and school-based curriculum. School-based curriculum development is an important task of school education, an important measure to implement the unity and diversity of education, and an important supplement to national curriculum development. It can promote the development of students of all levels and specialties Can better meet the interests and needs of students.

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