High-speed screw filling and packaging machine for milk powder product packaging

Only one company designed and manufactured a cyclone screw filling and packaging machine for powdery and ultra-fine powdery materials such as milk powder. The representative product of this series ww1000Auger Filling and Packaging Machine drives the screw to rotate through the servo motor to achieve the purpose of measuring the filling material. At the same time, the optional feedback system can automatically adjust the filling amount. This product mainly has the following advantages:

A.55L full transparent feed hopper, the bucket status at a glance, two and a half only structural design, cleaning is simple and convenient;
b. Screws in one go, up to 2m in length, ensuring filling accuracy, maximum filling speed up to 120P/min;
c. advanced and perfect nitrogen filling system, so that the amount of residual oxygen can be controlled below 1.5%;
d. It can realize on-line inspection to ensure that none of the products with residual oxygen content exceed the standard;
e. The nearest weight detection and feedback sorting system from the material outlet, so that the accuracy can be controlled within 1%;
f. Compactness shuts the door to prevent the blown bag from leaking due to powder trapping.

Source: "Packaging Materials and Containers"