Energy saving schematic

Using heat exchange application technology, the outflowing boiling water is released through the heat exchanger and cooled to warm boiling water. At the same time, the incoming cold water absorbs the heat before entering the water heater and is preheated to 85 ° C, thereby greatly savin.......

Electronic cardboard piercing strength tester

ZCBD-48 Electronic Cardboard Penetration Strength Tester
Executive standard: GB / T2679.7-1981

The puncture strength of cardboard refers to the work done by a certain shape pyramid through the cardboard. That includes the work needed to start piercing and torn t.......

Selection of foundation for offset press installation

5.3 Foundation

The main function of the foundation is to support the machine and not allow any deformation where it contacts the machine. If there is deformation, the entire working state of the machine will be affected. In severe cases, the accuracy of the machine will be destroye.......

Standard Operating Procedures for Yangtu PS Plate Making

1. Exposure

1) Selection of light source

The photo sensitive range of the positive version of the PS version is in the blue region and near ultraviolet region (320-450nm), the most sensitive region is 375nm, and the metal halogen light source is the most suitable for exposure.


Questions and Answers on Gas Chromatography

1. What are the characteristics of gas chromatography?
Answer: Gas chromatography is a type of chromatography, that is, chromatography using gas as the mobile phase. In terms of separation and analysis, it has the following characteristics:
1. High sensitivity: It can detect 10-1.......

Projector SONY-VPL-HS2

Information topic: Projector SONY-VPL-HS2 Price description: 17100rmb

VPL-HS2 is a product in the CINEZA series of new home projectors launched by Sony Corporation. It is compact, lightweight, easy to install .......

2006/2007 ACE Product Information

Performance-Both acidic and basic compounds have excellent peak shapes

Choice-six different bonding phases

Reproducibility-different batches of different columns have good reproducibility

Although .......